Dr. Nicholas Glynn

B.Vet Med, M.R.C.V.S.

After growing up in Bermuda surrounded by animals – dogs, cats, rabbits and a multitude of chickens, it was natural for Nick to want to become a veterinarian, partly because of his love for animals and partly because it was the most challenging course to get into at university. He attended the Royal Veterinary College in London, England, universally recognized as the most prestigious veterinary college in the world, qualifying in 1991. After working for several years in the UK, starting with cattle and sheep in Devon and finishing with dogs and cats in Warwickshire, Nick returned to Bermuda in 1996, becoming a partner in Endsmeet Animal Hospital in 1997.

The last 17 years, that’s a scary number, have flown by and Nick has gained three cats, two children, a dog, a wife, a bad back and three horses ( not necessarily in that order apart from the horses ) and lost an awful lot of hair along the way. Despite it all he is still phenomenally good looking and continues to love being a veterinarian constantly striving to improve both his own knowledge and the service that Endsmeet Animal Hospital is able to provide for its clients.

A lot of Nick’s spare time is devoted to his cats, children, dog and wife. He also runs ( pretty well ), cycles ( OK ) and swims ( slowly ) and once in a blue moon even manages to put them all together. Finally he loves playing golf but unfortunately a combination of being awful at it and the previously mentioned bad back means it rarely happens.


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