Dr. Gillian Fagan


Cats and turtles are Gillian’s greatest loves. Turtles are why she became a vet but it is cats that continue to make every day as a vet special. The turtle part comes from working a dive instructor and as an editor for a dive magazine. The cat part…well that one does not need explaining!

Born in South Africa, Gillian has since lived in New Zealand, Guam, Vanuatu, Thailand and Australia. In her final year at Sydney University, Gillian had a fortuitous encounter with a Bermudian also studying to become a vet. She heard tales of cerulean waters, pink sand, rainbow colored houses and four-day cricket extravaganzas. Little did she know that after graduating in 2011 she would land a job at Endsmeet and add Bermuda to the list of places she calls home.

Graduating in the top ten of her class Gillian relishes in the nitty gritty details especially when it comes to small animal internal medicine. Having worked as a vet at a beachside clinic, inner city hospital and country practice in Australia she brings with her knowledge of how things are done “down-under,” complementing the already international team at Endsmeet.

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