Jan 05 2016

May May

Your second day on earth shouldn’t be this hard! May May was literally born yesterday, and was rushed to Endsmeet as her mom was unable or unwilling to feed her. As a result, May May was hypothermic and weak from not being fed and Dr. Gil and Dr. Jamie set about finding her a nutrition source and a bottle in the hopes that she would eat. Quickly warming her with hot hands and towels to bring her core temperature up, evaporated goat milk formula was mixed and nurse Heather set about trying to get May May to eat. With a little persuasion the first drops went it, and then the little baby goat was ravenous. She quickly regained a measure of strength and began looking much better shortly after. Its not always cats and dogs here, and we will update with May May’s progress but for now her prognosis is good! Nurse Heather will be taking May May home to ensure she has round the clock observation and access to vital nutrition this growing kid needs!

A special thank you to Dr. Dane Coombs of DKC Vet Services and Tom Wadson of Wadson’s Farm. A very special thank you to James Tucker of Tucker’s Farm Bermuda.

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